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1. Dance Festivals conducted by Andhra Pradesh Sangeeta Nataka Academy and later Nritya
Academy during 1977-79
2. Kal-Ke-Kalakar Sammelan, Bombay – 1981
3. Haridas Sammelan, Bombay – 1981
4. Khajuraho Dance Festival, Madhya Pradesh – 1989
5. Sangeet Natak Academy's 'Young Dancers Festival', Bhubaneshwar – 1989
6. Swamy Haridas Samaroh, Brindavan – 1990
7. Kuchipudi Dance Festival, Telugu University, Kuchipudi – 1991
8. Kalidas Samaroh, Ujjain – 1991
9. Kuchipudi Festival, Bangalore – 1992
10. Kuchipudi Mahotsav, Bombay – 1993
11. Nrityotsav, Sangeet Natak Academy, Hyderabad – 1994
12. Festival of Hyderabd, Department of Culture, Hyderabad -1994
13. Natyotsav, Central Sangeet Natak Academy, Hyderabad – 1995
14. Yakshagana Festival, Central Sangeet Natak Academy, Hyderabad – 1995
15. Dance Ballet Festivals, Department of Culture, Hyderabad – 1996
16. Trinritya Sammelan, Hyderabad – 1996
17. Dance Festivals organized by Sangeet Natak Academy to commemorate 50th year of India's Independence, Kalakshetra, Madras – 1997
18. Kinkini Dance Festival, Bangalore – 1998
19. Khajuraho Dance Festival, Madhya Predesh – 1999
20. SICA, Nrityotsav, Hydeabad – 2000
21. Soorya Festival, Trivandrum– 2001
22. Indur Festival, Nizamabad – 2001
23. India International Centre, New Delhi – 2001
24. Konark Dance Festival, Bhubaneshwar – December 2001
25. Karthik Fine Arts 'December Festival' Chennai – January 2002

Participation in community extension services

1. An active girl guide, Alekhya had received the President's guide award from the then president of India, Late Shri Fakruddin Ali Ahmed.
2. She participated in all the Janmabhumi programs conducted at the University
3. Alekhya sssisted in choreography and presentation of several thematic performances based on social issues like peace, truth, prohibition, caste discrimination, ahimsa, brain-drain, national integration and issues concerning women in the august presence of many dignitaries like the
President of India and Governors
4. She has choreographed and directed a tableau of the like of late Kamala Nehru, on theoccasion of silver jubilee celebration of Kamala Nehru polytechnic for women, Hyderabad.
5. Lecture demonstration on Kuchipudi dance at several rural schools to create awareness of our rich classical dance heritage amongst school children, organized by IRCEN, New Delhi. 6. Lecture demonstration on Kuchipudi dance for teachers during several CCRT teachers' training programmes
7. Had been a Judge for several competitions in classical dance for children, students at school and college levels, employees of telecommunication, central excise departments and several other reputed cultural organizations
8. Resource Person - Refresher course for Teaching Faculty Osmania University Hyderabad


Honours and Awards
1. ‘Outstanding person of the year' 1987
2. Had the honour of performing for the then President of India, Shri R. Venkataraman at
Rashtrapati Bhavan in 1989
3. The Secretaries conference of Common wealth countries in New Delhi
4. Singar Mani, Sur Singar Samad – Bombay
5. National Award for Kuchipudi dance – 1989 by the international cultural development organization, New Delhi
6. Award for excellence in the field of dance – 1997 (International year of women)
7. Chinta Radhakrishna Sharma's Memorial Award – 1997
8. Had the honour of performing for the President of India, Shri K.R. Narayanan during his sojourn to Hyderabad at the Hi-Tech city auditorium in – 2000 9. Abhinaya Tapasvini by Sahithya Peetham, Rajamundry – 2000
10. Nrithya Bharathi by Kalarajyam cultural association – 2000
11. Rastriya Vikas Shiromani Award Telugu Academy, New Delhi in 2001
12. Natya Jyothi by Subba Rao's academy of Indian Arts, Hyderabad and USA – April 2002 13. Ugadi Visishta Puraskar – 2002 Government of Andhra Pradesh, for excellence in Dance form and contribution to the dance field
14. Hamsa Award – 2002 Government of Andhra Pradesh, For excellence in Dance form and contribution to the dance field
15. ETA Award – 2003 in recognition of dedicated service in the field of Art and Culture
European Telugu Association, London
16. Sangeet Utsav Award – 2005 For excellence in the field of Kuchipudi Dance, Mahatma
Gandhi institute, Mauritius
17. Golden Bracelet – 2007 on the occasion of Dr. Akkineni Nageshwar Rao's birth day celebrations 2007, for excellence in dance form and contribution to the dance field. 18. Rotary Vocational Award – 2007 For excellence in the field of Dance, Rotary Club of
Hyderabad. 2007
19. Silicon Andhra Award – 2008 In recognition of outstanding commitment for promotion of
Kuchipudi Dance, silicon Andhra Association, California, USA
20. ETA Award – 2009 In recognition of outstanding commitment for promotion of Kuchipudi Dance.
21 Lekhini award (Lekhini Women’s Literary Organization) in recognition for outstanding commitment and promotion of Kuchipudi dance.
22 Kaumudi Prathiba Purashkaram 2009 Award for excellence and contribution to the field of
Dance - 2010
23 Vocational Excellence Award by Rotary Cub of Bhagyanagar, 2009
24 Prathiba Rajiv Puraskar, Government of Andhra Pradesh 2009 for excellence in Kuchipudi
Dance form and contribution to the field of Dance – 2009


Alekhya has, apart from establishing herself as a solo performer, brought to life many mythological characters in several dance ballets, which have won her overwhelming acclaim.

‘Alamelu Manga' ---- Alamelu Manga Vilasam – based on Saint
Annamacharya's compositions 'Krishna and
Gopika' Thyagaraja's Nauka Charitram
'Prahalada' ---- Thyagaraja's Prahalada Vijayam
'Parvati' ---- Gouri Kalaapam
'Lakshmi' ---- Vishnu Pallaki Seva Prabhandam
'Tilla Kali' ---- Tirumala Kavi's Chitrakuta Mahatyam
'Durga' ---- Durgasura Samharam
'Rukmini' ---- Sadhvi Rukmini – Narayana Tirthas – Dwadasa tarangams
'Parvati' ---- Hara Vilasam – based on Srinadha's Hara Vilasam
'Mandakini' ---- Her portrayal has brought her rave reviews
'Parvathi' ---- Shankara Pallaki Seva Prabhandam
‘Satyabhama’ ---- Satyabhama Vilasam
'Stri' ---- Woman, thy myriad moods
'Rukmini' ---- Sri Krishna Parijaatam
'Sasirekha' ---- Sasirekha parinayam – (February 2001) Alekhya was responsible in reviving the ancient Kuchipudi dance drama, Sasirekha Parinayam, which was brought to the stage after gap of forty years. While taking complete charge in the production and evolving the ballet, Alekhya also played the main role of Sasirekha in this epic story. This was presented on the first anniversary of 'RASA'
'Andal' ---- Andal Kalyanam – 2003 her most recent
'Draupadi' ---- Nartana Sala – 2004
'Radha' ---- Bakthavatsala Vilas Natak – 2006
'Lakuma' ---- Lakuma Swantam – 2007 her most recent production
'Premamati' ---- Taramati The Legend of an Artist – Feb. 2009


1. National Seminar on National Integration Bhakti Movement Department of Comparative Studies, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, 28th February, 1992.
2. National Seminar on Literature and Allied Arts Department of Comparative Studies, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, January, 1992.
3. Seminor on Kshetrayya Kshetrayya Padamas and their Presentational aspect ' Lecture
Demonstration' Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Kshetrayya Kalasamithi, December, 1996. 4. National Seminar on Jayadeva Practical presentation of Ashtapadis from Gita Govinda Department of Comparative Studies, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University.
5. Innovative Trends in Kuchipudi Dance Practical Presentation of latest works Central Sangeeta Nataka Akademi, New Delhi, February, 1997.
6. Vedic Forum – TANA Conference, Paper Presented: 'Natyasastra as Fifth Veda' Telugu Association of North America, U.S.A. July, 1997.
7. National Dance Seminar Kuchipudi Dance - Tradition and Innovation
A practical lecture demonstration Sambhavi Dance Theatre and Department of Kannada Culture 8. National Seminar – Kuchipudi Dance Future Concerns and Projections Paper presented: 'Expansion in the Kuchipudi Repertoire'. Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Central University of Hyderabad, Telugu Association, Bombay, December, 1998.
9. National Seminar on Bharata Natyam, Paper presented: 'Tradition and Innovation' Sankarandha Kalakshetra, Hyderabad, April, 1999.
10. Seminar on Kuchipudi Dance – Innovative Trends Andhra Pradesh Cultural Council, October, 2000.
11. Seminar on Dance and Music Paper presented: 'Classical Indian Dance' Its place in today's Society and future concerns Sanathana Dharma Trust, 26th January, 2002.


1. National Seminar – Performers and their Arts Changing Lives, Changing Forms Paper Presented: Art of Dance -Its Preservation and Propagation Central University of Hyderabad, University of Glasgow.
2. All India Women Conference Indira Praiyadarshini Auditorium.
3. ll India Telugu Women Writers Conference Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, March 2002.
4. National Seminar on Drama: A Trans – Cultural Survey Osmania University Dec. 2002 16. International Seminar on Philosophical Dimensions in performing Arts Dec. 2004 SAPNA & P.S.T.U.
5. Silicon Andhra International Kuchipudi Conference, USA, 2008
6. National Seminar 'Re-Imaging the image'
7. Paper presented – 'Traditional images present – continuous', at Hyderabad Central
8. University, February, 2009
9. National Seminar on Bhama Kalapam Lecture Demonstration on Sathyabhama in Mathrubhutha Kavi's Parijaathapa Haranam organized by Kinnera Art Theatre, February 2009.
10. Colloquium on 50 years of Kuchipudi dance Kuchipudi Dance - Teaching methodology in
11. Universities, Hyderabad Central University, March 2009
12. National Seminar on Sri Narayana Guru, Paper presented on Caste system in Performing Arts – Dance, PS Telugu University, Hyderabad, August 2009


1. Work Shop on Temple Ritual Dances Thyagaraja Government College of Music & Dance,
2. Work Shop on Kshetrayya Padabhinaya Department of Dance, Potti Sriramulu Telugu
University, March 1996
3. Work Shop on Kirtanabhinaya Department of Dance, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University,
Febrauary, 1998
4. Workshop on 'Sasirekha Parinayam' Kuchipudi Yakshaganam
Central Sangeeta Nataka Akadami & University of Hyderabad, September 2000
5. Workshop on 'Usha Parinayam' Kuchipudi Yakshaganam
Department of Dance, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, January 2001
6. Work Shop on Kuchipudi Dance Department of Culture, Andhra Pradesh, April 2001
7. Work Shop on Bhamakalapam Department of Dance, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University,
August 2001
8. Work Shop on Abhinaya U.S.A. 2008
9. Work Shop on Bhamakalapam Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Feb. 2009
10. Workshop on Nritya Abhinaya Department of Dance, PS Telugu University, Hyderabad March 2009


1. Thanjavir Yakshaganam 'Vishnupallaki Seva Prabhadam’ Department of Culture, Andhra
Pradesh, Sangeet Natak Academi, New Delhi – 1996
2. ‘Saadhvi Rukmini' Based on Tarangams of Sri Narayana Tirtha – Kalidas Samaroh, Ujjain –
3. ‘Chitrakuta Mahatyam' Yakshagana of Tirumala Kavi of 16th Century – Department of
Culture – Andhra Pradesh
4. ‘Nauka Charita' of Saint Thyagaraja – Thyagaraja Utsav Committee, Chicago, United States of
America – 1997
5. ‘Mandakini' of Kalkaturi Padmavati Contemporary poetess – Sangeeta Natak Akademi, New Delhi – 1998
6. ‘Durgasura Samharam' – Yakshaganam
7. ‘Sankara Pallaki Seva Prabhandem' – Sangeeta Natak Akademi, New Delhi – 1999
8. Woman – Thy Myriad Moods – RASA – 2000
9. Trinetritya Sangamam – Shiparamam – 2000
10. Andal Kalyanam – Mahati Arts – 2001
11. Poetry Through Dance – Poetry Society of India – 2001
12. “Jalageetam” – A dance narrative on water, its origin, flow, pollution and present need –
13. Sasirekha Parinayam – RASA – 2001. A traditional Kuchipudi Dance Drama revived after nearly 40 years.


Professional Interests
1 To revive, preserve and propagate the fading and dying out forms with special reference to southern classical dance
2 To conduct a comparative study of western and Indian classical dance to reach out for peace,love and understanding of culture and humanity
3 To use multimedia to spread awareness about the rich Indian classical dance heritage and culture
4 To preserve and document of work and teaching methodologies of living legends in the field of dance and their socializations
5 To collect literature and music relevant to dance for research library and posterity
6 To Introduce multi-disciplinary courses with thrust on tradition and culture
7 To have exchange programmes at university level
9. To create a museum of dance artifacts including dress, instruments, jewellery, photography etc.


Memberships of Professional Bodies, Societies etc.
1. Paper setter for (Theory) University Certificate and Diploma exams in Dance 2. Paper setter for theory exams conducted by Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.
3. External Examiner for Practical Examinations Diploma and Certificate Courses.
4. Judge for Several State Level Dance Competitions.
5. Member: Board of Studies (Dance), Potti Sriramulu Telugu University.
6. Member: Selection Board, C.C.R.T. Scholorships.
7. Member: Academic Staff Association, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University.
8. Member: Organising Committee Nrityotsav 1997, Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi.
9. Member: Osmania Graduates Association, Hyderabad
10. Founder Member: R.A.S.A – A Forum for the Promotion of Fine Arts.
11. Member Advisory board: Kamala Nehru Polytechnic for Women.
12. Member: Indian National Theatre, Hyderabad.
13. Advisory Board Member: Regional ICCR, Hyderabad.
14. Advisory board Member: Regional Prasar Bharati, Hyderabad
15. Guide: For research scholars Dance, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad.
16. Coordinator: Dance – Distance Education, Potti Sriramulu Telugu University,Hyderabad.
17. Member, selection panel, National scholarships for Kuchipudi dance, Ministry ofCulture, New Delhi


In quest of perfection, Alekhya took up choreography of several dance ballets and thematic presentations, by initially assisting her guru Dr. Uma Rama Rao. This then attained the logical conclusion when she herself choreographed as well as directed many a solo items as well as ballets.
Woman, thy myriad moods – This ballet had its base on the women of mythology as visualized by saints and poets.
Annamacharya Pada Nrithyanjali – a thematic presentation based on the kirthanas of Annamacharya.
Poetry through dance – a contemporary innovative presentations based on poetry written by English, Telugu as well as Hindi poets, for the poetry society of India.
Andal Kalyanam – based on the mythological description of the wedding involving Lord Vishnu and Andal, performed during the auspicious Dhanurmasam. Path – O – Pathick – based on the spiritual awakening of man
Andhra Natya Kalavaibhavam – presented during the prestigious Andhra Pradesh music and dance festival, January 2002. This presentation is particularly of importance since it spans the history and the development that Kuchipudi has undergone till it has attained the present status.
'Jalageetham' A thematic dance presentation of Dr. Gopi's long poem on water, December 2002.
'Annamayya Hari Vilasam' A thematic dance presentation of Annamacharya Sankirtanas, June 2007
'Lakuma Swantam' A Kuchipudi Dance drama based on the life of Lakuma Devi, a 14th Century courtesan in the court of Kumara Giri Reddy, June 2007.
'Vasanta' Cupid Beckons, a thematic group choreography and presentation on Spring, March 2008.
'Raat Phoolon Ki' A group choreography and presentation for the urdu poetry written by the famous revolutionary poet Maqdoom, April 2008
'Durga' The Divine Mother - a thematic group choreography and presentation, Music and Dance Festival October 2008.
'Premamati' Taramati The Legend of an Artist – Feb. 2009 Dance lovers were able to see a complete new facet of Alekhya as an actress hitherto unknown to them. Alekhya not only played the role of 'Premathi', in the most enthralling manner, making it an unforgettable experience for the audience, but she also choreographed the dances in the most lilting exhilarating manner elevating the whole level of production to grater, adding surely a new father in her cap.
Taramati, the legend of a courtesan February 2009
Bhama Kalapam, a full length group presentation choreographed & presented for Hyderabad Doordarshan, April 2010

Qualifications, Positions & Pursuits

Alekhya is a graduate in English, literature, psychology and philosophy and also holds a bachelor's degree in dance (Bharata Natyam) Osmania University.
She holds a postgraduate degree in ancient Indian history, culture and archaeology. She was awarded Ph.D for her work on 'Kshetrayya Padams and their importance in the Abhinya aspect of Kuchipudi dance'.
She has been academically involved with the Potti Sriramulu Telugu University for nearly 20 years in various capacities twice she was the convener of the National Kuchipudi dance festival conducted by the University in December 2006 & 2009.
Alekhya's scholary demonstrations on various subjects like the compositions of Annamacharya, Kshetrayya, Jayadeva, Sarangapani and technique of Kuchipudi have won wide acclaim from great Kuchipudi masters and scholars.
Alekhya is an outstanding artist in the panel of ICCR (Indian Council of Cultural Relations) New Delhi.
Alekhya is a top-ranking artist of Doordarshan Kendra since 1985, in both Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. She has also been honoured by several cultural and literary organizations for her dedication and contribution to the field of dance.
Through 'RASA' a forum started by herself and Ananda Shanker Jayanth a friend and colleague in dance, they plan to bring to Hyderabad, avant-garde, cutting edge productions and put Hyderabad on India's cultural map.
TRISHNA' – was started by Alekhya to present compositions, themes and ballets, both traditional and contemporary. A dedicated teacher Alekhya has also taken an initiative to train young, budding and talented upcoming Kuchipudi artists, in order to pass on the art form to the younger generation through TRISHNA' a center she has started in her quest for excellence. The last several years have seen her devote her time and effort to the study, practice and propagation of the Kuchipudi dance form.